Fruit Trees

This month you should consider some fruit trees for the yard. They are a great way to promote a sustainable, local and organic lifestyle. There are quite a few to choose from. We have many varieties but below are just a few! Call ahead to find out what we have in stock.

Pears: Most pears we grow in the Gulf Coast area are the canning varieties.

Southern Queen
Upright, heavy bearer, pollinate with Akers or Southern Bartlett.

Akers Home
Spreading shape, large fruit, softens when ripe, pollinate with Southern Queen or Southern Bartlett.

Atlas Super Orient
A hard pear, for canning. This tree can live up to 25 years!

Orient Pear
Pyramidal shape, can grow to 30 feet tall. Medium to large fruit ripens later than rest of fruiting varieties (August - September). Used for canning or baking.


Grows 15 foot, self pollinating, red fleshed plum.

Santa Rosa
Grows 15 foot, red-fleshed plum.

Persimmon (These do not thrive well in windy areas)

The one you find in the store. Pick when fairly soft, otherwise it's almost mushy. A very pretty tree, even if you don't like the fruit. Grows about 25 feet tall; produces in winter.

Same rules apply as the Fuyu, grows 25 feet, not as sweet, more acidic, not as popular for taste as the Fuyu.

Figs: Deciduous, spreading, self pollinating, Spring producing tree. Varieties grow anywhere from 10-30 feet tall. (Celeste, Brown Turkey, Black Italian, Gold and Purple LSU are some of the varieties we have at the nursery)

Citrus: Most citrus is around 15 feet at maturity, dwarf varieties grow 6 to 10 feet, most produce fruit from Nov-Feb.

Improved Meyer, Ponderosa, Panzanella Cluster

The least cold hardy of the citrus. Mexican Thornless "The Key Lime", Persian, and Key Lime or sometimes labeled as "Mexican" (this one has thorns).

(This includes mandarins) Unless you are a aficionado on satsumas, they are all about the same in taste! The reason for all the different names is from the person who grafted the tree.

Oranges (Navels)
N-33, Tangelos, Washington, Blood Oranges (Sanguinelli, and Moro).


Orient Pear
Methley Plum
Santa Rosa Plum
Fuyu Persimmon
LSU Gold Fig