Beautiful Japanese Maple Trees abound

Maas Nursery is a tree shoppers paradise. The selection of mature trees is unsurpassed. Maas has tropical, evergreens, oaks, willows, flower fruits, and much more.

Additionally, we have bonsai and a wonderful selection of Japanese Maples. At Maas, if you don't see what you are looking for, we will get it for you.

Now you can buy trees and shrubs from nurseries, department stores and even grocery stores. Our nursery is the best place to buy trees and shrubs.

Buying Tips

Evergreens are often sold as "ball and burlap" plants; that is, the roots are contained in a ball of soil that has been wrapped in burlap. The soil helps prevent the roots from drying out. Trees and shrubs may also be sold in pots or bare-rooted.

1. Always lift a ball and burlap plant by its wrapped base. If you lift it by its trunk or main stem, the weight of the soil ball may damage the roots.

2. Choose well-rooted, younger plants. If a tree or shrub is grown in a container too long, its roots will begin to grow in a spiral; such a "root bound" plant, as it is called, will not grow well when it is planted at its permanent site.

3. Avoid trees or shrubs that have been in a department or grocery store for a long time. Such plants will be stressed from a prolonged period at room temperature and under artificial light, or no light at all. The roots systems of these plants are likely to have suffered from desiccation.

4. Choose only trees and shrubs hardy for our area of Texas. Some outlets, particularly larger department stores, may carry plants that are sold across the USA but are unsuitable for our harsh heat and humidity conditions.

5. If buying bare root plants, choose ones that are completely dormant. If the leaves are out or nearly out, they will be harder to transplant than dormant trees or shrubs.

6. Smaller bare root plants are easier to transplant than larger ones of the same species; another advantage is that they are usually less expensive. Therefore choose the smaller ones.

7. Prune bare root trees or shrubs before transplanting if the nursery has not already done so. Pruning is required because the plant loses roots when it is dug up and cannot support its top growth. Trees or shrubs that are not cut back will take poorly or may die.


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